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Painting the lily’s into the flesh sketch.

November 29, 2010

This oil sketch on transparency is a small area traced from my painting being produced throughout this November. This sketch was to try out a straight forward order-of-colour, for this particular technique. Learning that any white used in the paint bleaches out my marker pen under drawing, where as diluting a colour more lightens the colours as the pure colour and darker colour washes strengthen the line drawing.

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Internal human anatomical details are merged beautifully with the painting. The overall composition is based on a couple of the thumbnail sketches posted in the ‘Studio’s and Sketchbooks’ category. The painting was drawn extensively this way, each element from its own particular source.. botanical photography, anatomical illustration and personal drawings.. The movement through the painting has been predetermined with the geometrical curves and branching ruled lines as suggested in the thumbnail sketch. *An animation from beginning to end of this painting is in the making.


Detail (6cm) from ‘Sketchbook6 page1’. 2010.

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